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Old people on benches 
are cool.21.html
Rockabilly & 
Churches, puppies & farms.23.html
Accordion players
& BBQ sauce.24.html
Pizza on a farm.
Fish in a basket.25.html
Dogs, dogs &
coney dogs.26.html
Trumpet players
& mohawks.27.html
Roast beef & dancing
old folks.28.html
Shaggy dogs
& homemade rolls.29.html
Bars & Barbers.30.html
An umbrella or two.31.html
Cafes & coffee cups.32.html
Italy #1.33.html
Italy #2.34.html
Italy #3.35.html
Jazz night.36.html
Dusty’s Dagos.37.html
Italy #4.38.html
Fried fish & Arkansas.39.html
Schatzlein Saddle Shop.41.html
A few hours in San Francisco.san_fran.html
Bail bonds & taco trucks. summer_2011.html
From state fair to oyster fest.42.html
Rock-shows & dogs dogs dogs.43.html
Galleries, warehouses & Asian food44.html
Asian tourists & supper clubs.45.html
Dental offices & strip clubs.46.html
Hot sauce &
ketchup bottles.47.html
Pig roasts & political dogs.48.html
Chicken Shacks & LA LA Land.49.html
Wise Acre
farm dinner50.html
French Hen &
old hens.51.html
TV & typewriter repair53.html
Hot dogs, pizza & dive bars.54.html
Country cruisin’ & pickin’ berries.55.html
Small towns & state/county fairs.56.html
Flute players & flower arrangers.57.html
Bike sellers, haircutters & cheese makers.58.html
Matzo ball soup & deer heads.59.html
Sleet, snow, dogs & Lions.60.html
Jazz & old dudes.62.html
Letterpress & wiener dogs.63.html
Billy goats &
red hots.61.html
Liquor stores &
licking dogs.64.html
Donkey butts &
old dudes.65.html

Hey you...

I have a NEW WEBSITE where I’ll be putting all the latest drawings. These drawings will stay here as an archive of all my past stuff so feel free to could take you a couple days to see everything, but remember to check the new site HERE or the blog HERE for the latest of what I’ve been walkin’ around checkin’ out.