a couple years ago i was in denver on business and took a drive down a long old seedy street called colfax. this was old denver, and a real nice break from the yuppy eating granolaness that the rest of the town has to offer. what really hit me were all these funky old motels. i felt like i went back in time to the 1960’s with all these crazy neon signs. i knew i had to go back and draw the suckers someday. and i did. sadly many of the motels are gone...making way for noodles and company and chipotle franchises i’m sure. i got what was left. it’s a sad strip. “character” for sure. the people seemed as down and out as those old motel signs, most of them haven’t been lit in years. biding their time until they make room for the new. what that town should really do is save those suckers. clean them up. repurpose them if need be. the manor house motel would make a much better strip mall to house the next chipotle franchise if you ask me.