first thing’s first: yes, i know, there are spelling errors . get over it, i can’t spell. as i type i get these little red squiggle lines under the

words the program is telling i’m spelling wrong. i might take one more pass at the word and if i still don’t get it right i move on. i also can’t type, so there are no capital letters at the beginnings of sentences. if you saw the way i typed it would pain you to the point that you would clearly understand. just getting the thoughts on the page is a challenge enough, i can’t worry about things like spelling and capital letters.

there, now that we got that out of the way lets get on to what the hell WACSO means. WACSO stands for:




Stuff (shit, whatever.)


    i’ve kept a sketchbook religiously for years and people always asked why i did it. the best answer i can come up with is that i have to record and groove on the little things in life. we have to find beauty in the mundane...because life is mostly mundane. i don’t believe in living for the weekend. i don’t believe the 2 vacations weeks we get a year should be our best time of year. there’s cool shit all around us if we just open our eyes and look for it. that being said, there’s all kinds of crap every where we look too and thanks to the suburbs good shit is getting harder and harder to find. WACSO is all about getting off your ass and finding cool shit...”cool shit” being whatever turns you on. for me it’s stuff like old buildings, burger joints, bars, restaurants, dogs, a rusty pick-up truck sitting in a field...whatever.

    so here we are and the year is 2006 and someone (apple) finally released a program that makes it easy for dummies like me to make a website. so here it is. there’s no fancy flash movies or funny little dingy sounds when you roll over pictures (i hate that shit), just words and pictures of stuff i’ve seen. so come on in and walk around and check some stuff out.

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